When fitting to a staircase that has already been made and fitted, surveying the staircase is the first service in the practical side of the handrail work it is imperative to get this right.

Every measurement must be accurate, also if there are any irregularities in the staircase, they need to be identified before manufacture of the handrail; to ensure a clean flowing feel to it, any discrepancy will look and feel wrong on completion.

All our surveyors have fitting and manufacturing knowledge, which enables them to recognise any pitfalls that may arise during the manufacture and installation processes.

This avoids costly delays later in the job and helps to ‘design in’ a high quality finish.

When a rod has not been supplied by the staircase manufacturer, the survey itself can be performed in two different ways.

The traditional method with a tape measure or digitally scanning the layout of the staircase or any medium that has been fitted to carry the handrail, such as a glass or metal balustrade.

Even when a rod has been supplied a survey will still be taken to confirm the rod tallies with the fitted staircase.

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