Finishing is the final part of the of the handrail jigsaw. Once all the manufacturing, fitting, carving and sanding is completed it’s time to make the wooden handrail a splended feature.

Our polisheres work with the same passion for detail as everyone else in the previuos processes, as not only do they have to make the handrail look lovely, they have the practical challenge of its protection, leading to the durability of a sustained finish, protecting the wood from years of wear and tear, and also the effect of heating if indoors or the seasonal element if an external rail.

There are many products available on the market today to produce the look you want, and the protection required. Whether it be an oil, water or acrylic base, we can recommend the best for each situation.

There is also staining to be considered as sometimes this is required to give the finish you desire. Ebonising is a popular treatment these days, giving the timber a black finish.

Once this is done the handrail is ready for use, and although there to make using stairs and landings safe to walk on, it can be a beautiful enhancement to any property.