Answers to some of the more common questions we get asked.

Can you match an existing handrail?

Yes we can. The wood may vary in colour slightly due to ageing but with staining we can get a very close match. The profile can be matched exactly using either an off cut, a template of the original or a digital scan of the original.

The handrail will be increased in size by a few percent to allow for the new handrail to shrink back and then it will be close to the original with just a small amount of dressing in by hand.

Can you restore my boarded up handrail?

Yes. We can remove the boarding, replace the spindles and/or newel post if required, or repair them if they are still in place and in repairable condition.

Can you match my existing spindles and newel post?

Yes. We can take a template of your existing post and turn a new one to match.

Can you replace/repair broken or damaged parts?

Yes. Depending on the severity of the damage, we can replace it, or quite often it can be repaired, even if the damage is in the middle of a continuous handrail.

My handrail has loose joints/spindles – Can these be fixed?

Yes. In most cases all that is required is to loosen the handrail bolts, clean the joints and then apply new glue and re-tighten the bolts.

There is no need for metal plates fixed to the underside of the handrail or fixings such as nails and screws through the surface of the handrail.

All fixings should be hidden

How many handrail profiles are There?

There are numerous profiles for all the component parts of the balustrades; handrail, newel post and spindles, depending on the application and size of your staircase. We will be pleased to advise you of the most suitable choices.

Which wood is best to use?

This varies depending on basic factors such as, indoor or outdoor application, profile size and the finished look required, our ‘Types of wood’ page will help you towards you choice,

Can my handrail be made removable?

Although this is not something we recommend, it can be achieved in some circumstances, mainly for access of larger furniture into basements or loft conversions.

The handrail will need to be set between newel posts or newel and wall; to be able to get a good fixing for the handrail to be safe when installed.

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