Designing a staircase.

With practical working knowledge of staircases, London handrails can advise you with the best solution to suit your handrail desires.

Do you already know your ideal design?

Do you have a visual that you would like to work towards?

We can help by getting all the component sourced and then draw the stairs to create working drawings, that the joinery shop of your choice may work to.

This will mean the handrails, landings, spindles, glass, metal balusters or any other design aspects you have chosen will work once everything is made.

To find out more about the information that is needed to be able to design and draw the stairs, look at Knostairs Initial design criteria. This has questions and examples to help guide you through the design stage.

Download and fill out as much as you can of their questionnaire, then send it back to us to get a quote to draw your stairs.

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Existing staircases.

For existing staircases the layout of the handrail is already decided, the choice is how do you want the staircase to look? traditional modern or otherwise. We can help design the handrail to produce the look you want.

With state of the art technology, London handrails can scan your staircase into a computer giving us every detail to make the handrail accurately.

This will allow us to create 3D models that you can view before the manufacturing stage begins.

When working to match existing handrail we can copy the flow and pattern of the original handrail and with traditional craftsmen, blend the new handrail in as if it was put in at the same time as the original: As long as the staircase has been designed in the same manner.

Handrail blending form existing to new flight of stairs.
New flight already fitted blending into existing flight.

New Staircases.

The most important part of getting a good handrail layout, is in the staircase plan; it’s pointless putting the foundations down for a bungalow and expecting the building to look like a mansion.

The staircase needs to be planned with the handrail design in mind.

The staircase is a very important part of the building; as it is the only visible part to run through all floors, dependant on the size of property the staircase can be given the room to become more elaborate, allowing for continuous flights with a stairwell.

Whereas on smaller properties the flights are generally straighter without a stairwell.

These seemingly simple staircases still have to be made as one staircase.

3D model, staircase design.
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