Cladding staircases In Timber.

This is becoming more popular, with many staircases having a metal sub frame or concrete substructure, this may be for fire and safety reasons in public areas or basement dig outs.

London handrails are getting called in to clad these flights and give them the traditional timber staircase look.

The metal or concrete stairs can have a full timber housing including stringers treads and risers. The staircase soffit can be plastered in as per normal timber flights.

By using London handrails to determine the stringers that clad these stairs the handrail flow can be calculated to give the best flow achievable from the structure that is in place.

When you know in advance that the substructure is going to be clad in this way, we can do the design drawings in advance of the supporting structure being made and produce the dimensions for the fabricators to work to ensuring a high quality finish.

Timber Clad metal stairs.

The start.

This is how the staircase looked when we were called in.

With the property set in a late 19th century area of London, the staircase was to have a modern take on a Victorian theme.

Keeping some of the period details and flow of a geometric staircase with all its grandeur while making it brighter and more welcoming.

Metal staircase ready for cladding.
Metal sub frame feature tread

The finish.

These flights were completely clad in timber except for the plaster soffits.

The flow of the soffits was still taken into account to allow them to flow with the staircase stringers and blend into the landings.

Geometric handrail was also used, the spindles were made from 12mm steel bar rather than the traditional timber turned spindles.

This fulfilled the design intent that had been set out.

Needless to say the client was pleased with the final outcome.

Metal stairs clad in timber
Metal stairs clad in timber

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Timber Clad concrete stairs.

The start.

This was a new build property, the staircase had already been fitted.

The stairs were to have timber treads with painted risers and stringers, the soffit would use the underside of the cast concrete staircase.

The client had already picked the spindles she would like to use.

The flooring for the landing areas had also been chosen.

Concrete stairs before cladding.
Concrete stairs before cladding.

The finish.

Knowing the spindle size and the timber flooring that required matching, this was a simple case of designing the tread and nosing detail.

The landing nosing was created to capture the spindles housed in and for the flooring to butt up to it.

Timber risers were also used to give a clean paint finish.

The concrete staircase with timber treads and risers.
The concrete staircase with timber treads and risers.

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