Cladding metal frame stairs.

Cladding metal frame stairs can have its own set of challenges.

The stairs should have been designed from the handrail down through the handrail support whether it is glass, spindles or metal balusters, from here the stringer faces may be calculated and then the treads to ensure the spindle spacing works; if they are sat on the treads. With this in place, the steel structure to support the staircase may designed.

This would allow for all the treads, risers, spindles and handrails to be calculated in the design so that everything works correctly once the metal has been installed.

Project 1

This staircase had been fitted when we arrived, the metalwork was not level! So we had to level every tread before we started the cladding process.

We fitted the cut strings, wall string, treads, risers, spindles and handrails.

The cut strings had rebate detail to allow the plaster soffit to be fitted to the underside and to flow with the staircase.

The metalwork.

Looking down the flight towards the winders and quarter space landing.
A curved outer wall going round the winders and quarter space landing.
The feature tread at the start of the staircase.
Steel frame start.
Metal subframe feature tread
Side view of the steel frame work.

During fitting.

The cut strings being fitted into place.
A cut string being assembled for fitting.
The cut string is in place.
The treads are being fitted and drilled for the balusters.
The balusters and metal core rail being fitted.
The underside of the staircase is just as important as the top.
The treads fitted and drilled.
The nosings around a drum with winders and a quarter space landing.
the cut string and treads in place waiting for the wall strings to be fitted.
The cut string fitted ready to accept the treads and risers.
The steel frame with the treads levelled ready for the finish treads.

A cut string drum with the plaster rebate.

The finish.

Two flights meeting at a landing.
Wall string detail as it meets a landing skirting.
The plaster to the underside of the flight as it heads into the drum.
The feature tread at the start of the staircase.
The wall string as it meets a landing skirting with treads set into the landing.
Looking over the wreathed handrail and curved wall string.

Project 2. Spiral staircase.


Metal Spiral side view.
Looking down the flight.
The metal treads and inner stringer.
The top landing sweeping round.
The bottom of the flight before cladding.
Clearance from the wall to allow for baluster fitted to the outside of the stringers.


Cladding the stringers
Mounting holes drilled through the stringer for the balusters.
The newel post being fitted and ready to take the handrail.
The stringer capping and liping being fitted.


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