Change of style.

When remodelling a staircase to change its style, there are several design options to consider that can transform the look and feel of your space. Here are some ideas to help you revamp your staircase:

Changing the layout of the staircase can be much cheaper than fitting a new staircase, this will also cause less damage to the structure of the surrounding walls and ceilings.

The changes can be considerable, changing the whole look of the staircase.

Remember that when remodelling your staircase, it’s essential to work with experienced professionals who can bring your vision to life while ensuring structural integrity and compliance with building codes.

Staircase 1. Before.

The staircase had mitred turns, with a metal balustrade and plastic handrail.

The walls beneath the staircase reflected the corners in the stair stringers.

The handrail did not flow nicely.

Staircase 1. During works.

We put curves into the corners on the stringers, treads and walls beneath the strings.

This allowed the handrail to turn over a greater distance so it could flow more smoothly.

We altered the bottom treads to allow for a curtail tread and Monkey’s tail set over.

The metal balustrade was replaced with an Oak handrail and timber spindles.

Staircase 1. After.

Staircase 2. Before.

The staircase had a straight flight at the bottom going up to a quarter space turn.

The handrail, spindles and newel posts were very large and unattractive.

With a light oak finish.

The quarter space landing
The flight looking up
The first floor landing

Staircase 2. design visuals.

We created some visuals to give the client an idea of how the staircase may look.

We did do a few others but this was the design that the client decided on.

Staircase 2. during.

We removed the bottom 3 treads, added a quarter space landing to turn the staircase into the main room.

Removed the handrail and spindles.

Cut the newels down to become stub newels.

The site foreman watching us work!

Staircase 2. After.

We hope to have some images of this soon.

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