With over 30 years of experience in the manufacture and repair of traditional handrails.

London handrails is a company specialising in the supply and fitting of wooden handrails, from the traditional Georgian and Edwardian to the modern styles on glass, that due to their normally small Profile size, often require additional skills to be used in their manufacture and fitting.

We can style your new handrail to suit the way you want it to look, or if you have an older handrail that needs some loving care and attention we can restore it back to its former glory.

Handrail is a specialist market that many highly skilled Carpenters and Joiners have trouble working with. We have carefully sourced people from all over the industry who have a passion for handrails and a natural ability to deal with the three dimensional aspect, then invested time in training them so we can offer a service that we feel is one of the best in the country.

We have invested further resources in acquiring the right tools to deal with any situation that may arise during the installation of your balustrade.

Having worked on some of the more prestigious jobs throughout the U.K. we are confident that we can supply the level of support you need and expect to ensure that your job is completed on time.

We pride ourselves on customer service and would be delighted to hear from you. Call us on the number below.

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