Historic or new.

A traditional approach.

It has taken years to refine the skills required to design and build stairs, we still use those same skills.

Handrail and staircases: Designed from the top down.

The team at London handrails are skilled craftsmen with an understanding of staircases and how they work.

The advantage of utilising skilled tradesmen who have an indepth understanding of staircase design cannot be overstated. These professionals possess the expertise needed to properly set out staircases and restore traditional ones with precision and care.

When it comes to geometric staircases, a level of knowledge beyond that required for a simple straight flight of stairs is essential. Tangent handrailing plays a crucial role in the staircase design process. It is common for individuals to mistakenly design each flight of stairs as a separate staircase, but this approach is incorrect. A staircase should be viewed as a cohesive unit, potentially consisting of multiple flights, and should be designed as such.

Furthermore, it is crucial to recognize that the underside of a staircase is just as important as the top. Careful consideration should be given to how the underside of the staircase seamlessly integrates with the ceilings, navigates around corners, and adapts to changes in the direction of the flights. This holistic approach to staircase design ensures a harmonious and visually appealing end result.

New handrails.

Have you had a staircase fitted and looking for a new handrail?
  • We Design, survey, supply and fit to new stairs.
  • Basement digout or Loft extension: We can match your existing handrail and spindles. Make it look as though the stairs have always been there.
  • Getting old and decrepit? Add a wall handrail that matches the main handrail.

Existing handrail repairs.

Do you have an existing handrail that needs some TLC?

  • Replace broken or missing spindles.
  • Tighten loose joints.
  • Replace missing handrail components.
  • Add handrail ties to stabilise loose handrail.

Change of style.

Moved into a new property and want to change the look of the stairs.

Tighten loose joints.

  • Replace square newels with turned newels.
  • Replace the handrail to match the new newels.
  • Keep the handrail and replace the spindles.
  • Update from that 70’S look.


Do you have an older property that needs the handrail or staircase restored?

  • Replace missing or damaged handrail components.
  • Restore tread ends that have been removed or damaged.
  • Replace missing spindles to match those that are existing, cast or turned.
  • Full survey and report before commencing work.
  • Specialist in historic or listed building works.

Cladding metal frame stairs.

Are you having a steel framed staircase fitted?

  • We can fit: Timber stringers to both wall and well sides.
  • Timber treads and risers.
  • Design ways to fit the spindles to the new steel flight, either tread surface or stringer face mounted.
  • Supply and fit the handrail to suit.
  • Fit the soffit to the underside to allow for a flowing plaster line, Depending on staircase design.

Blank slate.

No design in mind yet?

  • Full survey.
  • Floor plans and elevations.
  • 3d visuals to confirm design intent.
  • Written specification, so you know what is happening.
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