A tradition in geometric handrail.

London handrails is one of the last remaining companies that make handrail using traditional geometry and the hand tools that go with it.

We are a company specialising in the supply and fitting of wooden handrails, from the traditional Georgian and Edwardian, to the modern styles on glass, that due to their normally small Profile size, often require additional skills to be used in their manufacture and fitting.

A grade 11 listed building handrail addition to match the original.
New handrail to replicate the original.


With an understanding of the geometry used to make the continuous handrails and staircases, London handrails are able to remodel your staircase keeping many of the original components and only replacing those required.

In this example for a client in Maida vale, we kept the original handrail, removed the return nosings and replaced them with upright stringer cappings, following the cut string stairs, we then swapped the original timber spindles for acrylic spindles.

This gave the staircase a unique and modern look without having to replace the entire staircase.

Remodelling stairs before.
Remodelling stairs.
Looking down the flight through the stairwell.
Mahogany handrail on acrylic spindles, mixing traditional with modern.

Repairs and restoration.

London handrails specialise in repairs and restoration from listed buildings to replacing the original tread features that have been removed or damaged.

Many times there are tell tale signs of how the staircase would have been made and what it consisted of.

We have replaced a number of curtail treads and the wreathing volutes or Monkeys’ tails that sit over the curtail tread.

Here you can see one that someone had tried to repair, we removed their one, then fitted a new curtail tread end, newel post and Monkey’s tail, without having to remove any more than necessary.

A Monkey's tail that has been cut off and replaced, along with the curtail tread and cast newel post.
A Monkey’s tail that has been cut off and replaced, along with the curtail tread and cast newel post.

More information.

Want to find out more about handrails and staircases?

From the basic look or design through the setting out then how to draw stairs for the handrail to flow and how to make everything once it has been designed and drawn.

Have a look at KNOSTAIRS.COM an information and resource website.

The spindle set in with an oblong socket, normally used when updating spindles.
spindle oblong socket